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Break Bread

Clients :
Scott Hove
Baker’s Son

Where Do I Come In :
Sales Manager

Managed the works of Scott hove and baker's son and built the exhibitions sales catalog. My role required me to be the assistant gallery manager, docent, and lead sales for the entire month of the exhibition. During this time, I lead the general public through guided tours, generated sales, and helped both artists add to their already impressive collectors list.

Overview :

For the month of January 2016, Think Tank Gallery produced one of the most attended art events in Los Angeles that year. With a sprawling cake installation by sculptor, Scott Hove, and Baker Son’s hyper-realistic watercolors, and unapologetically black installations - Break Bread was the true meaning of excess and decadence. Nightly events included - private dinner parties, tastings and a naughty closing party with a performance by, Cirque Du Soleil.