Governed by optimistic realism and moxie.

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I am a…

Project Manager

Design Strategist

As a client facing, hands on, project manager with a keen eye and high aesthetic sensibility, I have towed a line between creative producer and pragmatic project facilitator for years. I pride myself in the ability to navigate in both the creative and analytical world which has allowed me the opportunity to work with some of the most progressive and impactful cultural institutions, digital design and marketing agencies, non-profit foundations, and contemporary artists.


I’m good on







artist liaison


Through brand partnerships, sales, and event coordination - I am forever driven to develop relationships with artists and culturally progressive institutions that share similar goals focusing on public access.  







public engagement
exhibition coordination

I believe that art should be accessible for everyone and I align myself with cultural institutions that believe in the same mission. The below are exhibitions I have worked on with various contemporary galleries where my focus was public engagement, gallery operations, and exhibition coordination.



digital design




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